Paco Coursey

Crafting interfaces. Building polished software and web experiences. Experimenting with magical details in user interfaces. Webmaster at Linear.

In the past I’ve developed the Vercel design system, website, and dashboard.


Implementing interfaces and interactions.


Composable command menu React component.

Plain text editor with a focus on performance.

Perfect dark mode in Next.js apps.


Simple, efficient React state hook in 50 lines.

Return to simplicity.

Infrequent thoughts on design and code.


Developing skill through doing, guiltlessly exploring passion and interests, imbuing quality. Mindful that everything around me is someone’s life work.

All I want to do is build websites. Typography, motion design, copywriting, performance—the web is an endless medium of opportunity and creativity of which I’ve only scratched the surface.

Enjoying deep, dark, boring dance music: songs that set the pace in the first ten seconds and maintain it for the next ten minutes. Deep is a curation of my favorites. Soothed by the inherent energy of drum and bass—Drum has my favorites.


Reach me at @pacocoursey or .