Paco Coursey

Crafting interfaces. Building performant software and web experiences. Thinking about text editors, visual organization, and UI frameworks. Web developer and team lead at Vercel building websites and the design system.



Composable command palette React component.


Opinionated UI components for Next.js.


Canvas renderer for React.


Track descendant component indeces.

Select Work


Plain text editor with a focus on performance.

Next Themes

Perfect dark mode in Next.js apps.


Simple, customizable macOS application icons.

Next Unused

Find un-imported files in Next.js apps.


Minimal note-taking app in Electron.


Redesign 2021

Return to simplicity.


Focusing on reading, learning, and building. Working carefully and methodically. Mindful of my time and attention so that I can produce quality work and feel productive.

Learning C after forgetting everything about low level programming from university, interested in Rust, Go, and Zig. Curious about Swift for building native applications. Mainly building software for the web using modern features in JavaScript, WASM, and Canvas. Betting on React and Next.js for user interfaces.

Enjoying deep, dark, boring dance music: songs that set the pace in the first ten seconds and maintain it for the next ten minutes. Deep is a curation of my favorites. Tony’s Deep Sets, Deep Space House, and All Day I Dream are daily mixes.


If you’re in NYC, let’s go for a walk. Reach me at @pacocoursey or .